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Limited Edition

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Production will start in May of 2020. Each pair is made to order and our expected order completion is running at approximately 20 weeks. See details.

The Savanna Dream stiletto is a unique numbered limited edition handcrafted Italian shoe that was inspired by Barollo’s custom designs for Kelsea Ballerini. The Savanna is designed to capture the beauty and spirit of the open plains and the untamed hearts of the beautiful women who wear it.

 The Savanna Dream stiletto is made of natural, white pony hair, which is sheared to the ideal length, then married to its hand-cut, lilac Nappa leather lining. The Nappa leather footbed is quilted to ensure the softest materials are closest to your feet. We hand-finish each heel in a seven-step process before hand-painting it in a separate five-step process in antique bronze. The heel’s matte finish is designed to complement the shoe’s upper by creating a unique, weathered look.

The Savanna Dream stiletto is a special edition, limited to 999 numbered pairs.

Sizes: 35 – 42 (By half sizes up to 42)

Width: B

Heel Height: 110 mm - 4 5/16”

Cost: $1,550

Notes: Limit of one pair per customer