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The Process

Each original design is handcrafted to order, creating a bond between the craftsmen and women helping shape your product as it moves through each process.

This process is time consuming, from hand dying the skins to cutting and stitching each piece of leather, each Barollo shoe requires more than 350 individual steps to complete a finished pair.

Barollo does not warehouse its products, waiting for someone to purchase them. Barollo products take time, and the men and women of Barollo appreciate your patience and understanding as we hand make each product for you.

Because of the incredible demand, and our handcrafting process, the average time to produce a Barollo product is approximately 20 weeks; from the time production is started, not when your order is placed.

Barollo appreciates your patience, and your business, and we are working hard to create extremely high-quality products for you and your family.

Inspiration is the driving force behind Barollo and Barollo always wants to inspire you to do the things you love and to achieve life’s goals.

Barollo believes that beauty surrounds us all and the more we let it in the better life will be.

Be beautiful, be kind and always...