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Barollo has always been committed to responsible manufacturing. Barollo believes in a philosophy of less is more and creates timeless shoes, handbags and belts, which can be repaired and passed down to future generations.  Barollo offers repair and refurbishing services to ensure all Barollo products will always look as good as they can, for as long as they can. To limit the amount of waste, Barollo produces made-to-order. One hundred percent of our excess material is saved for future production or recycled to produce secondary sources of material, like bonded leather. To further support responsible manufacturing, 100% of all supporting materials are sent to recycling, like our cardboard and paper packing material. To ensure quality and limit environmental impact, all of Barollo’s supply comes from within Italy, including the boxes and tissue paper. Ninety percent of what Barollo uses, to produce its products, is supplied from within a five to 45-minute drive of our factories. Barollo has always been committed to responsible manufacturing and producing the world’s best products for generations to enjoy while celebrating life.