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Barollo finds its home on the banks of the Riviera del Brenta, near Venice Italy, in the heart of the luxury shoe capital of the world. Surrounded by rolling hills, ancient villas and noble vineyards, Barollo is in the center of this picturesque landscape, channeling thousands of years of tradition and craftsmanship to produce some of the world’s finest shoes, handbags and accessories for special occasions and exclusive clients around the globe. 

From its inception, Barollo has always been special, a rare example of personal service and luxury craftsmanship in a culture of mass-market and fast fashion. Barollo began creating one- of-a-kind, custom, bespoke masterpieces for celebrities and professional athletes worldwide. 

In October 2018, The Hollywood Reporter named Barollo’s founder and Creative Director, Mr. Darren Smith, one of “Hollywood's 6 Hottest New Accessory Designers.” 

Barollo designs have been featured in countless fashion magazines, on television and have walked every major Red Carpet event from the Oscars to the Tonys. 

Barollo is grateful for its clients and the people who help make Barollo a family dedicated to centuries-old traditions, honoring the art of shoemaking, by craftsmen and women, who proudly carry on the techniques passed down through the generations. 

Barollo prides itself on creating timeless designs that will carry you as you celebrate life’s milestones and accomplishments. 

Barollo’s current collection includes an exclusive selection of handmade classics, and limited editions, all crafted to the same exacting standards of perfection as Barollo’s original custom, bespoke creations.