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Production Process

The Process

Each Barollo piece is handcrafted. There are no shortcuts.

All materials are selected by hand. The leathers are hand-dyed, hand finished, hand cut and hand stitched. There are more than 350 steps needed to create a pair of Barollo shoes. We are driven by passion in the pursuit of perfection to create each piece for you and we appreciate your patience. 

What Barollo does, takes time. We create wearable art and when you order any Barollo product you will be taken on a journey as your product moves through each process. Where possible, you will be sent photos of the production steps and be kept informed as your product moves along on its journey from our workshops to your home. 

Production may take up to four months or more to complete each order. We apologize in advance for this delay. We are working hard to shorten our production times.

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